Protect Your Hearing From Fireworks!

Protect Your Hearing From Fireworks!

Did you know that… Fireworks are easily just as loud as a gunshot?

With Bonfire night just around the corner, here are some useful tips to protect your hearing on November 5th.

  • Use earmuffs or earplugs
  • Make sure no one is exposed to noise and fireworks, either for a long period or at a close distance. 
  • Before initiating the fireworks, stop by your local chemist or drugstore and get some inexpensive earplugs – they can reduce the sound level by around 30dB.
Prepare your hearing aids for noise 

If you are a hearing aid user, you can prepare your hearing aids for all the noise before the show starts. You can choose to go for a lower sound level. You can also combine your hearing aids with earmuffs or you could simply turn your hearing aids off while the fireworks are going off. 

Also keep in mind that if it’s too loud for you, it is definitely too loud for children. In fact, our children’s ears are more sensitive off noise. Hearing loss has a huge impact on children, so it’s a good idea to buy earmuffs for them too. 

Remember after a loud evening, your ears will need a bit of a rest to recover from all the noise. 

(Experts recommend that you rest your ears for at least 16 hours after really loud events.)

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