Meet The Castle Hearing Team


With more than 25 years of experience in the field of Audiology, John brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role as Audiologist at Castle Hearing.

Originally from Lanarkshire, John has now made Dumfries his home, having moved here in 2003.

“I love my job and have gained so much knowledge and experience over the years. I worked with the NHS for more than ten years in both adult and paediatric Audiology, then worked with the worlds largest hearing instrument manufacturer which gave me an appreciation of the technology involved in today’s most advanced hearing instruments. Then for the last 15 years in private practice.”

A typical working day for John involves carrying out routine Microsuction Wax Removal appointments, meeting patients to diagnose their hearing issues and suggest the right solution for each client’s problem, and prescribing and dispensing hearing aids.

“Just one of the great things about my job is helping our patients get their ‘hearing world’ back. This involves not only diagnosing hearing issues and proposing solutions, but also the specialist fitting of hearing instruments to ensure patients obtain excellent results, comfort and ongoing free of charge lifetime aftercare.”

John is a confessed geek and science lover:

“In my spare time you’ll find me engrossed in computer gaming, or reading about particle physics, which I appreciate isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! I’m also a keen amateur astronomer.”

With this wealth of experience, John can provide the very best level knowledge and fitting expertise to every patient to suit their individual needs and enable them to hear the world around them.

To book a free Hearing Test or Microsuction (Ear Wax Removal appointment), call Castle Hearing on 0800 160 1353 or email